November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
5 ways colour patterns and textures can boost productivity in an office (Photo by Vishnu Prasad on Unsplash)

5 ways colour patterns and textures can boost productivity in an office

Different colours have been found to evoke specific psychological and emotional responses hence, incorporating visually appealing textures and patterns can create a more engaging and stimulating work environment which can help combat monotony, boost creativity and increase focus in an office. Thoughtful use of contrasting colours and textures can create visual interest and help direct attention which can be useful in highlighting important areas or elements in the workspace such as focal points or task-oriented zones.

Allowing individuals to personalise their workspaces with colours and textures that they find personally appealing and comfortable can enhance their sense of ownership, satisfaction and well-being which in turn, can positively impact productivity but when considering colour patterns and textures in the workplace, it is essential to strike a balance and create an environment that suits the overall work culture and the needs of the individuals in the office.

Furthermore, factors like lighting, noise levels, ergonomic furniture and overall office design should also be taken into consideration, as they play a significant role in creating a productive and comfortable work environment. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Preetam Pratap Tipale, Managing Director and CEO at Gira Infra, shared, “The colours, patterns and textures in an office interior can have a significant impact on productivity. Studies have shown that the right colour scheme can improve mood, concentration and creativity. Patterns can also help to break up monotony and create a more stimulating environment. Textures can add depth and interest, making the space feel more inviting and comfortable.”

According to him, following are some specific ways that color patterns and textures can boost productivity in an office –

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