November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Adipurush: This south Indian actress faces wrath from Prabhas fans as she takes a dig at his look as Ram

Adipurush: This southern Indian performer confronts the anger of Prabhas followers as she ridicules his appearance as Ram

The trailer for Adipurush has been receiving an extraordinary response from followers ever since its release; the new preview is far superior, and followers cannot wait to witness this epic film on screen. While the followers go crazy over Prabhas’ appearance as Lord Rama, this southern Indian performer ridicules him and his appearance and labels him Karna instead of Rama. Southern performer Kasturi Shankar took to Twitter and shared her perspective on Prabhas’ Adipurush, and she is now facing a tremendous backlash from the superstar’s followers. Kasturi Shankar, in her tweet, wrote, “Is there any tradition where Lord Ramji and Laxman are portrayed with moustaches and facial hair? Why this disturbing deviation? Especially in Prabhas’s Tamil home, Sri Rama has been played to perfection by legends. I feel Prabhas looks like Karna, not Rama. #Adipurush”. Also Read – Adipurush: After Ranbir Kapoor, Ram Charan to purchase 10000 tickets of Prabhas starrer

Kasturi Shankar questions Prabhas’ look in Adipurush. Also Read – Adipurush: After Dipika Chikhlia, another performer ridicules; this time at Prabhas’ look, ‘He looks like… ‘

Prabhas’ followers are extremely dissatisfied with this unwarranted criticism of him and lashed out, questioning whether the performer has seen Lord Ram in person. Also Read – Adipurush: Ranbir Kapoor all excited for Prabhas-Kriti Sanon starrer; books 10000 tickets for THIS reason

One user asked Kasturi Shankar about creating a fuss over the mustache, “Why fuss about just a mustache? Is it not natural for a man, including an incarnation in human form, to grow a mustache & beard?”. Another user commented, “You saw Rama in person?”. Prabhas has devoted blood and sweat to portray Lord Ram, and he has received immense adoration from followers after the release of the final trailer. The actor is waiting for the film’s release for fans to witness his arduous work and its impact. Earlier, the original Sita Dipika Chikhlia had ridiculed Prabhas’ appearance as Lord Ram and had said that they resemble more like Moghuls. The first teaser of Adipurush faced a lot of criticism, and the followers trolled Om Raut’s VFX, but the final trailer was massively impressive, demonstrating that they took the feedback positively.

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