December 1, 2023
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AOT Finale Key Visuals Pay Tribute to the Manga Ending

During the MAPPA Stage 2023 event, various beloved anime franchises such as Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, and Chainsaw Man had the opportunity to share updates. The creators behind Attack on Titan took this chance to unveil key visuals for the final season.

In a surprising turn of events, the creators of Attack on Titan revealed stunning key visuals for the upcoming final season during the MAPPA Stage 2023. While manga enthusiasts were deeply moved by the visuals, anime fans were left perplexed.

Mere months before the grand finale of Attack on Titan, the creators made the decision to honor the manga’s ending through these new images. With a minimalistic approach, the visuals showcase a small, rustic cabin surrounded by a forest.

While anime fans grapple with confusion over these key visuals for the final season of Attack on Titan, manga readers are likely to find themselves overcome with emotion. The key visual is an accurate depiction of a specific manga panel that is part of the concluding scene of the series. Furthermore, the manga panel portrays Mikasa’s dream of living a peaceful life with Eren in a cozy cabin.

Why are fans so moved by this? Well, as we have previously discussed the ending of the manga series, we know that this idyllic scenario is not a reality for the two characters. The true ending of Attack on Titan is much more troubling and heart-wrenching.

As the biology of Attack on Titan explains, the titan shifters have a lifespan of only 13 years. This is why Mikasa envisions spending the remaining years of Eren’s life in peaceful harmony. Moreover, this was Eren Yeager’s ultimate wish as well – to attain peace.

Another significant aspect of the key visuals for the finale is the ominous presence of two Titans. The grand finale will feature a climactic battle between Armin and Eren. This highly anticipated showdown between the Titans will ultimately mark the conclusion of this emotionally charged anime/manga.

With Attack on Titan’s final season being divided into multiple parts, the anime will come to a close in the autumn of 2023. Additionally, the last season will commence in October and conclude in December of that year.

The popular anime series comprises a total of four seasons, with seasons three and four each consisting of multiple parts. Season 3 has two parts in total, while season 4 has three parts. Moreover, Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 will serve as the conclusion of this epic saga!

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