November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Research says people who have high emotional reactivity or those who are more introverted are more likely to experience anxiety.(Freepik)

Burping to hair pulling; 5 weird symptoms that could actually be anxiety

Anxiety can make you do unusual and unexpected things at times. It can also make you perceive things differently. Sometimes your actions can surprise you or even make you feel guilty. The more you try to hide it or control it, there are chances it may show up at moments when you are unprepared. Anxiety may have different symptoms for different people as everyone’s life experiences, mind, and situation can be different. Research says people who have high emotional reactivity or those who are more introverted are more likely to experience anxiety. (Also read: What is phone call anxiety? Here are the signs)

It is your body’s response to stress – a feeling of fear or uneasiness that could cause rapid heartbeat, sweating, restlessness. One may experience anxiety from time to time like before an examination, at work during a high-pressure day, or before a significant event of life. Such anxiety goes away in due course of time. However, for people who have anxiety disorder, this feeling of uncertainty, dread and unease may never go away or even get worse with time, if treatment is not taken.

Feeling nervous, an impending sense of doom or danger, increased heart rate, sweating, trouble concentrating, trembling

“Anxiety is not just “in your head” (contrary to what you’ve been told) …your body responds to threats (or perceived threats) the same way your mind does by causing the nervous system to react. For many people, this can look like overreacting to sensory stimulation, feeling detached from your environment, burping, tingling hands, and the urge to pick,” says Psychologist Dr Jenn Anders in her recent Instagram post.

Dr Anders lists them down:

1. Heightened sensitivity and reaction to sounds, lights, smells or touch.

2. Floating aka feeling detached from your surroundings.

3. Excessive burping because of swallowing more air than typical and acid reflux.

4. A strong urge to pull out your hair or pick at your skin.

5. Numbness or tingling in your hands and feet.

“When you notice a weird physiological reaction, take note. Start to become aware of the uncomfortable sensations in your body. I bet you’ll start to notice a pattern. Awareness is the first step. You’re already 1/2 way there,” adds Dr Anders.

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