November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Sri Lanka

Delegation of Thai monks arrives in Sri Lanka

A Buddhist delegation from Thailand arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday (09) evening via Katunayake Airport, commemorating the 270th anniversary of the initiation of Upasampada in Sri Lanka by the Thai “Siam Upali” who took the Upasampada to Sri Lanka and came to the Asgiri Gedi Temple in Kandy.

The delegation of monks are headed by Thailand’s Ubon Sangharaja Achan Province Tara Path Uttamo Maha Thero. This group included 08 monks and 17 lay representatives and arrived at Katunayake Airport at 05.35 in the evening from Bangkok, Thailand. The group was welcomed by several Sri Lankan monks including Sri Vajiravamsathissa Stawira thero.

This Buddhist delegation is expected to establish religious and cultural relations between Sri Lanka and Thailand and to sooth the current tensions between the two countries.

It is reported that the Thailand delegation will visit several important Buddhist sites of worship and award scholarships for Buddhist monks to study in Thailand during their visit.

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