November 29, 2023
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Did Tamannaah Bhatia want Vijay Deverakonda opposite her in Lust Stories 2? Check out her reaction after she learned Vijay Varma was her co-star

Did Tamannaah Bhatia desire Vijay Deverakonda opposite her in Lust Stories 2? Discover her response after she found out Vijay Varma was her co-star

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While the creators of the film released one more video of the entire ensemble on their official Instagram page, you can witness how the entire cast expressed their perspectives when they received the Lust Stories 2 screenplay for the first time. In the video, Tamannaah can be seen hesitating about performing kissing and intimate scenes, asking if she can reduce it to just hugging and touching hands, emphasizing that she will carry out the scenes with passion. Conversely, Vijay refers to himself as the embodiment of desire. Subsequently, both actors inquire about their co-star. Tamannaah wonders if it’s Vijay Deverakonda, and upon being informed it’s Varma, she maintains a serious expression and nods, while Vijay is content with Tamannaah being his co-star. Also Read – Tamannaah is a literal fluorescent light in a neon pantsuit in first public appearance after confirming relationship with Vijay Varma [View Pics]

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In a recent interview, Tamannaah referred to Vijay as her source of happiness and admitted to being in a relationship with him. Evidently, these south Indian divas are distinct and are unafraid to discuss their romantic lives in public – first Rakul Preet Singh, and now Tamannaah Bhatia. Also Read – Ram Charan to Thalapathy Vijay and more: South superstars who are super successful businessmen

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