September 27, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Sri Lanka

Group of Chinese investors on exploratory visit to Sri Lanka

A group of Chinese entrepreneurs called on Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Temple Trees yesterday (13) to discuss possible investments in many spheres. The Prime Minister said there is vast potential for investments in many fields including tourism and hospitality industry, gem and jewellery, agriculture, medicine, food processing, renewable energy and entertainment industry.

Chairman of Daguowen Culture Co., Ltd., Zhang Qihua said he is dealing with international cultural exchange, global sustainable development promotion and Sri Lanka has potential to attract more than million tourists from China.

He said he would work closely with Chandra Wickremasinghe, Chairman of Connaissance De Ceylon to jointly promote Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka.

Jin Mei Yang – Chairwoman of Zhejiang Outstanding Women’s Chamber of Commerce expressed willingness to assist women empowerment programmes in Sri Lanka.

Xie Yueyu – Chairwoman of Wuxin Group,a medical research group working on collaboration between human liver cells and gemstones for human health said she was interested in setting up a branch in Sri Lanka to assist cancer cure.

The delegation included Zhang Xiaomei – General Manager of Lanzhou General Machine Manufacturing, Li Zhengguo, Chairman of Shandong Jujinlong Group (Hydrogen energy industrial park for new energy technology), Zhou Wenlong – Chairman of Shenzhen Zhongdian Core Technology Co., Ltd., Li Min – Executive Assistant at Shenzhen Zhongdian Core Technology Co., Ltd., Guo Tingting – Chairman of Anthony Walter Piano and Executive President of Wuxin Public Welfare Foundation (International artistic and cultural cooperation) and Xiao Ling – General Manager of Wuxin Group (Public emergency Chinese medicine assistance and collaboration with Chinese hospitals).


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