December 1, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Film Critique

In his inaugural feature Raatchasi, director Sy Gowtham Raj crafted a profound picture set in a school, encompassing a pleasant turn of events. In his subsequent endeavor, Kazhuvethi Moorkkan, the filmmaker chooses a background of caste politics and injects an abundance of fury into it through his leading actor, Arulnithi.

The movie revolves around the bond between Moorkan (Arulnithi) and Bhoomi (Santhosh Prathap), and their enduring friendship despite belonging to disparate caste groups. The first half of the film is satisfactory, with Arulnithi’s character introduced as an enraged individual and the establishment of various character traits happening successively. The pacing of the film remains consistent, and Dushara Vijayan shines brilliantly as the female lead. Her interactions with Arulnithi are executed wonderfully, with the romantic moments not overshadowing the film’s underlying theme of caste politics. As the story progresses into the second half, it explores diverse territories, incorporates numerous action sequences, intensifies the rage, and culminates in a shocking climax that may be subject to debate. Ultimately, the second half surpasses the first, making the film an engaging watch overall.

Arulnithi delivers a splendid performance in the film, undoubtedly one of his best in recent times. The actor effectively conveys anger and rage, particularly excelling in the action sequences.

Santhosh Prathap provides exceptional support and proves himself to be a talented actor in such roles. Dushara Vijayan performs admirably, while Chaaya Devi and the remaining cast fit their roles seamlessly.

Imman’s music stands out as the highlight of the film, with his background score significantly elevating the impact at key moments. The cinematography is decent, although it could have been enhanced with more distinctive placements.

Overall, Kazhuvethi Moorkkan is a praiseworthy rural drama that truly shines in the second half, where everything comes together seamlessly. Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Film Critique by Only Kollywood

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