December 1, 2023
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Maaveeran Movie Review

Madonne Ashwin put up an impressive show in Mandela, winning him the National Award in his very debut. Putting that aside, he moves onto his second film in Maaveeran which is a more audience-friendly, focused film with a mouthwatering fantasy element.

Maaveeran tells us the story of Sathya (Sivakarthikeyan) a comic artist struggling in all sides of life. As he tries to find himself a new job, he gets to know that the government is clearing out the slum and he will be moving to a new home. However, little does he know that the new home provided by the government is turning things for the worse. However, Sathya is not left alone and is joined by a voice from above, which helps him in this journey. The first half of Maaveeran is outstanding to put it in one word. The film superbly takes off, gets its points across and moves with the fantasy element at a very good pace. Though a bit long, there aren’t any unnecessary scenes in the first half. However, the second half is where the film dips a bit and there is a bit of predictability in the proceedings. Also, the lack of the cast to deliver something big in the second half is a minus and it works against the film. However, there is no qualm about Sivakarthikeyan and his fantasy element, they hold the film and take it forward in style.

Sivakarthikeyan has grown leaps and bounds as an actor, and that is proven superbly with Maaveeran. The timid man slowly gathering his courage and transforming into a different person is wonderfully portrayed by the actor, who does a phenomenal job here. Also, his fluency and conviction in the action sequences has also worked out better here.

Mysskin does not give the film what it needs, as his is a basic show without the sound that we expect from him. At the same time, Sunil’s character too is not properly fleshed out and hence, the film does not benefit much from these two important people. Aditi Shankar and Sarita offer very good contributions to the film, on the other hand. Vijay Sethupathi’s addition as the voice from above is a splendid addition which is going to excite one and all for sure.

Maaveeran is strong in its cinematography department, with Vidhu Ayyana’s excellent work striking right. Special mention to the use of Mocobot camera in the Scene Ah number. Bharath Shankar’s songs are likeable but his BGM disappoints, it does not complement the proceedings except for in a couple of scenes.

On the whole, Maaveeran is a solid entertainer and there’s no doubt about it. Despite the lack of full thrill in the second half, this is sure to click with the audiences. Maaveeran Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

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