November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Sri Lanka

Police get robust with drunken drivers

The Police Division will crack down on drunken drivers from August 1. Many of the highway accidents within the latest previous have been brought on by drunken drivers, mentioned Kurunegala District Senior SP R.M. Jayawardena. He mentioned round 15,000 cops might be deployed for this particular operation. In line with the Police Division there have been 23,704 highway accidents in Sri Lanka in 2020 and a couple of,370 folks had died of accidents attributable to reckless drivers.

SP Jayawardena mentioned almost 22,847 highway accidents had occurred on the primary roads in 2021 and a couple of,559 folks had misplaced their lives.

Whereas 2,536 individuals misplaced their lives attributable to 21,992 deadly highway accidents in 2022.

Practically 8,875 highway accidents had been reported from January 1 to June 18 and 1,043 folks had died.

About 2,823 girls drivers had been taken in for questioning throughout the previous 24 months for driving beneath the affect of liquor. About 148 cops had been additionally taken in for questioning whereas driving beneath the affect of liquor and medicines previously two years, he mentioned.

SP Jayawardena mentioned the Police Division has imported extremely fashionable testing tools to look at the saliva of drivers to find out whether or not they had consumed liquor and different kinds of narcotics. The Excise Division has deployed 3,200 investigators and cops to nab drunken pilgrims and drug addicts who go to the historic Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devalaya and all liquor retailers within the space might be closed from June 19 to July 4.

Final yr, almost 2,984 youth had been nabbed by the police within the Kataragama and Sri Pada sacred areas whereas consuming liquor and dangerous medication.

The police have referred to as upon pilgrims to be on the alert always, since pickpockets and automobile thieves are reported to be roaming about within the sacred areas. 5 new automobiles had been stolen throughout the previous three months within the space, he added.

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