September 27, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Tamil Cinema

Sivakarthikeyan reveals Vijay Sethupathi’s reaction after watching Maaveeran!

In a recent interview, Sivakarthikeyan has revealed the first reaction from Vijay Sethupathi after watching Maaveeran, where the latter has given his voice as the ‘voice of God’ in the film. Sivakarthikeyan said “Vijay Sethupathi was one of the first to call me up after dubbing for his part in Maaveeran, and he totally loved the film. His reaction gave us a lot of positivity.”

Maaveeran had a special trade preview last night, after which has received a terrific response from those who have seen it. The film is all set to hit the screens tomorrow, with FDFS shows to begin from 9am.

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