December 1, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Spy x Family Movie Trailer Reveals Release Date, Plot & Cast

As if 2023 hasn’t been great already with all the anime we’ve seen, the Spy x Family movie is officially on its way. With the release date just around the corner, check out all the information we have about this anime movie. 

The beloved family from Spy x Family, consisting of a spy, an assassin, a telepath, and a psychic, is embarking on an exciting new mission, this time on the big screen. The highly popular anime franchise, Spy x Family, is ready to captivate audiences with its movie spin-off titled Spy x Family Code: White. 

Spy x Family movie follows the Forgers, a peculiar family comprising Loid, Yor, and Anya. Although they appear ordinary, they are actually a spy, an assassin, a telepath, and a clairvoyant pet dog named Bond. In addition, Loid plans a vacation for the family as part of his undercover mission, Operation Strix, leading them on an adrenaline-filled adventure to save the world.

Moreover, the Spy x Family movie trailer also offers glimpses of Anya’s confectionary skills and a mysterious treasure chest containing a piece of chocolate. As expected, the trip doesn’t go according to plan, and the family finds themselves embroiled in trouble while trying to save the world. From the initial look of the movie, the spin-off promises the same level of excitement and hope as the anime series.

The Spy x Family movie will premiere in Japanese theaters on December 22, 2023. Stay tuned for release dates in other territories, including the United States.

This Spy x Family movie will mark the franchise’s first theatrical release. The announcement was made at Jump Festa 2023 in March. Moreover, this came alongside the confirmation of the second season of the anime series, set to premiere in October. Takashi Katagiri will direct it and Ichiro Okouchi will serve as the film’s writer. 

Moreover, the film will feature an entirely original story by Tatsuya Endo. Tatsuya Endo is the creator of the original manga and its characters. Unlike the series, the spin-off movie will deviate from the manga. This makes it an exciting watch for both existing fans and newcomers to the franchise. 

The original Japanese cast from the series will reprise their roles for Spy x Family movie Code: White. The characters are expected to remain true to their manga and anime counterparts. However, the movie will introduce new story arcs. 

For example, Takuya Eguchi voices Loid Forger, an elite spy known as Twilight. Twilight adopts the persona of Loid, a psychiatrist, for his undercover mission, Operation Strix. Saori Hayami portrays Yor Forger, Loid’s “pretend” wife. In addition, Atsumi Tanezaki voices Anya Forger, Loid and Yor’s adopted daughter. She attends an elite school and secretly possesses telepathic abilities. Ken’ichirô Matsuda provides the voice for the family pet dog, Bond, who possesses precognitive powers.

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