December 1, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Sri Lanka finishes behind Bangladesh in Subdvision 1 of the Males’s Inventive Gymnatics competitors

By Leonard Ratnayake in Birmingham

Sri Lanka finishes behind Bangladesh in Subdivision 1 of the Males’s Inventive Gymnastics competitors. Bangladesh scored 100.600 throughout all six rotations, whereas Sri Lanka scored 91.850.

Nonetheless, Sri Lanka lead Bangladesh through the begin scoring 21.050 within the Pommel occasion, whereas Bangladesh recorded 7.600 within the Rings occasion.

The competitors has two extra Subdivisions, which characteristic better-ranked nations. The person medal winners can even be decided from the scores obtained in these rotations.

Sri Lankan gymnasts Ruchira Fernando, Hansha Gayashan and Jude Fernando competed  within the Males’s Inventive Gymnastics group occasion – Subdivision 1

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