November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Thalainagaram 2 Film Overview

Sundar C’s Thalainagaram directed by Suraj was an fulfilling movie, and is remembered for its comedian sequences that includes Vadivelu. Within the second occasion of the movie, we get the identical title however here’s a violent gangster drama, which is in whole distinction to the primary half.

Thalainagaram 2 is predicated on the character of Proper (Sundar C) and his battle in opposition to three massive baddies of the town, specifically Nanjundan, Vamsi and Maaran. The movie is about how a goodie-two-shoes within the type of Proper will get into the dangerous books of the three gangsters, and fights his approach out. Director VZ Dhorai, identified for his movies comparable to Mugavari and Nepali, has completely gone out of the way in which with this movie, which comes with a really outdated screenplay and making fashion. It’s as if the director has even let go of his fundamental expertise, which have been current in his more moderen movies comparable to 555 and 6 Candles, which have been fairly watchable. Thalainagaram 2 is basically boring for many elements, and there are only a handful of fine scenes within the movie, which majorly come solely within the second half.

Sundar C is an actor who can be utilized in good contact, however director Dhorai provides him a really plain and clean position to play, which can’t be achieved a lot with. The movie additionally has Pallak Lalwani in a very good position, however doesn’t notice her full potential.

It’s shocking to see Ghibran’s title because the music composer, as there aren’t any indicators of his brilliance within the movie. The technical components in any other case are simply at par too.

On the entire, Thalainagaram 2 is a sequel which simply might have been averted. There may be nothing a lot to say about this forgettable movie.

Verdict: A largely boring gangster drama that doesn’t supply a lot. 

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