November 29, 2023
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Upasana Konidela-Ram Charan reach hospital as the latter is about to deliver the baby [Watch]

Upasana Konidela-Ram Charan arrive at the hospital as the latter is on the verge of giving birth [Watch]

Upasana Konidela and Ram Charan are expected to have a baby soon. The Konidela and Kamineni & Reddy families are filled with joy. The happy news was announced a few months ago, making Upasana and Ram Charan the talk of the town. Now, the couple has arrived at the hospital, and the video is quickly spreading online. Fans of Ram Charan and Upasana are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby. Also Read – Adipurush: Manoj Muntashir stirs up controversy with his statement ‘Hanuman bhagwan nahi bhakt hai’; Netizens request to stop giving interviews

Upasana Konidela and Ram Charan have reached Apollo Hospital, where Upasana serves as Vice Chairperson. The mom-to-be was spotted wearing casual attire, a baby pink T-shirt and pants. Ram Charan accompanied her, dressed in a checkered shirt and pants as well. It appears that they were joined by more individuals, possibly relatives or hospital staff. It seems that Ram Charan and Upasana had planned the birth date of their baby in advance. The video is spreading like wildfire in the entertainment news. Also Read – Adipurush: Which dialogues are being revised following the backlash and when will the changes be apparent in theaters?

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Prior to this, Upasana Konidela expressed her happiness in resisting the pressure to have a child immediately after marriage. She and Ram Charan collectively made the decision to wait until they were financially stable. They wanted to be able to support their child on their own, despite the inheritance and wealth discussions. Read More – Adipurush: Prabhas initially hesitated to portray the role of Lord Ram; Here’s how Om Raut convinced him

Upasana revealed that she and Ram Charan decided to freeze her eggs for now, as they both wanted to have a solid financial foundation. She also emphasized the importance of exploring different avenues for affordable healthcare, noting that healthcare is very accessible in our country. Furthermore, she mentioned that her insurance will cover the expenses of her childbirth.

Earlier reports stated that Upasana and Ram Charan would welcome their first child in July. However, it appears that the couple has already planned the birth as well. According to reports, Ram Charan and Upasana will soon become parents.

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