November 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

We are confident in making a mark says Thilaka Jinadasa

We have make ourselves well prepared for the biggest Netball show- Netball World cup says Thilaka Jinadasa Coach of the Sri Lanka National Netball Team.

” We are in good physical and mental fitness. Captain Gayanjali Amarawansa and deputy skipper Dulangi Wannithilleka have a good understanding with each other and team commitment is very high. Chaturangi Jayasuriya the most experienced former skipper having four world cup experience while three players have world cup experience. ” Thilaka explained

Sri Lanka Netball team led by experienced player Gayanjali Amarawansa is scheduled to leave for Cape Town, South Africa next Friday (14) to take part in the Netball world Cup which will commence from July 28.

Before reaching South Africa the team will embark on a preparation tour to  Botswana on July 15 for one week. They will play practice matches with Botswana National team , Police Netball team and Botswana Defense Federation. When reaching South Africa the team will engaged in another practice match with a South African Club team which will provide adequate support to the preparation to adjust the team for home conditions.

The inclusion of Tharijini Sivalingam for the national side was questioned by many and the national Coach has justified this decision. She stated that the inclusion of Asian best shooter Tharjini Shivalingam will be a big advantage while she is beetling on Thisala Algama, another shooter who could make difference in the court.

She is optimistic to finish better in this years competition compared to last which held in England.

” Last time in 2015 Sri Lanka finished 15th at the world cup and our first intention is to finish between 12-14 th place this time around” Thilaka Jinadasa stated.

Sri Lankan lasses will meet Jamaica in their first outing in this years competition. Sri Lanka has drawn for Pool C with home team South Africa and Wales.




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